Phase I

Phase I

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Phase I is our entry level build, but don’t be fooled by the words entry level. this rig will power through streaming services and deliver a seamless gaming experience with its Ryzen 5 2400 processor, 8GB DDR4 ram, and a fully up-gradable motherboard. sleek design of the Darkflash J11 case is sure to impress the friends, and the Geforce GTX 1050 GPU inside is dedicated to keep you gaming with no lag, not to mention the 50+ styles of LED lighting. Comes with our 2 year warranty and like always, comes ready to hook up and game on!

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***Please note this build does not come with peripherals. Please see our products page to add monitors, keyboards, headsets, etc to your cart.

To ensure our customers have the latest technology in their builds, all other components unless specifically specified above will be decided by the builder at time of the order. This includes but is not limited to motherboard models, hard drive brands, power supplies, processor coolers, and/or cord placement. Any change we deem necessary will be an equal or better component which will not reflect on the price of your PC. You are welcome to contact us or leave us a comment in your order with requests and comments on your order, but please remember these are recommended builds. For major modification please refer to our custom builds section.