Turning a Passion into a Future

Established in 2019, two friends who shared a common interest in gaming set out to bring something new to the Midwest.

Growing up playing games in the height of the console era, they soon discovered the true power of the Desktop PC. as their knowledge grew with building their own PCs for gaming and graphic arts, they realized how little the Midwest had to offer for those wanting the truest gaming experience on a PC of their own.

Here’s why we did it

Keep reading to find why we set ourselves apart from the rest..

Ground Zero Gaming was then formed with the intention to bring all gamers together to provide the structure for a more solid and reliable gaming experience throughout the Midwest region.

We at Ground Zero Gaming believe that dedication to quality parts and an outstanding customer service is what every gamer really wants. To prove that we back our builds with a 2 year warranty!*


Located in Brandon, SD

Store front not yet open for business, please visit our facebook for further updates

Ground Zero Gaming……its contagious

*2 year warranty subject to GZG terms and conditions

*2 year warranty subject to GZG terms and conditions